Saturday, December 13, 2008

Sometimes I wish Bettey Crocker made boredom pies.

With nothing to do, again! I've decided to wirte me a little blog. Yay for blogging! This week has been pretty entertaining, I must say. I met the Govener, that was pretty exciting. Although, I have to say, being dressed up is not my thing, but I clean up well. I also discovered something, when staring down the face of scocial anxiety, start juding people. It works! I went from being worried about not drooling( I tend to do that ALOT), to making snyde remarks about some lady's mormon helmet hair. Which, i think she was getting ready to be shot out of a cannon! OH, before I forget. Thank you to Karen and Misty for having e com along to the Open house.

I am Lord of catan!

School is starting in little less than a month, And I don't know how I feel about that. Honestly I'm a little freaked out by it. I think it beacuse feel like I am Not prepared for it and when i start to think that I kinda talk myself out of doing things. I.E. school. I know for some reason that I will be fine. I think the reassurance comes from the fact that I refuse to let the life a chicken whore control me, and that is so refressing to know. It's the first step to letting myself get manipulated by the evil people in my life.

Not im a milllion years did i ever thought I would get my ass kicked by a video game.
all i have to say now is im off to play some wii fit.

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