Saturday, November 29, 2008

Over and hour later and now I have a picture of moi on twitter. (damn thing is picky as hell)

New aged, lack of nakedness

My first post, YAY! tonigh tI went out with my newly made friends Misty and Karen, by the way I just had to do some major detective work to figre out how to spell that. We went to go see Quantam of Solace. I kinda got lost a bit when i was trying to figure out how is the bad guy bad when all he bought was water! Ok so it turns out that he steals it... and blah blah and more blah. then throughout the movie there is talk about Vespa, and how she loved Bond. What!?? First off we are talking about a person and iff so why did she kill herself? As you can see, the movie left out that huge detail. It would have made the plot for revenge more believable, instead of having me to think that the new james bond is some strawberry Feilds doin', leads killin' bad-ass, not that I don't mind, it would have made the movie more understabable to me.