Saturday, December 13, 2008

Sometimes I wish Bettey Crocker made boredom pies.

With nothing to do, again! I've decided to wirte me a little blog. Yay for blogging! This week has been pretty entertaining, I must say. I met the Govener, that was pretty exciting. Although, I have to say, being dressed up is not my thing, but I clean up well. I also discovered something, when staring down the face of scocial anxiety, start juding people. It works! I went from being worried about not drooling( I tend to do that ALOT), to making snyde remarks about some lady's mormon helmet hair. Which, i think she was getting ready to be shot out of a cannon! OH, before I forget. Thank you to Karen and Misty for having e com along to the Open house.

I am Lord of catan!

School is starting in little less than a month, And I don't know how I feel about that. Honestly I'm a little freaked out by it. I think it beacuse feel like I am Not prepared for it and when i start to think that I kinda talk myself out of doing things. I.E. school. I know for some reason that I will be fine. I think the reassurance comes from the fact that I refuse to let the life a chicken whore control me, and that is so refressing to know. It's the first step to letting myself get manipulated by the evil people in my life.

Not im a milllion years did i ever thought I would get my ass kicked by a video game.
all i have to say now is im off to play some wii fit.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Nature walks are fun

that is the bird's nest down in memory grove

i love taking pitures of random people
weeds befor going down to memory grove

the state capitol looks so lovley

and the sunset is ssssssoooooo pretty
i like not typing properly

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Obe B-O Lobo!

Another week and I stil have the urge to go on a killing spree! So in the midst of not getting a stimulus check I called the the IRS and gave them my new address and now I should get that in like 30 days or so. You know what that means? YES SHOPPING and LOTS of it well untill i went trough 400 of my stimulus check. Although I have to say that I'm really hesitant to buy new clothes, especially with me loosing weight. I think this is the part where in insert one of thoes befor and after pictures.

Couldn't find anything good.

In other drama. We, well Jay And Sun, had this guy to come look at the place..... well lets just say that this was ..... how can I put this ah I know ! Crazy Bob Jr. That one is for you misty. The guy was just was creepy, he was old and he babbled about being a carpenter! I the over hear the guy say that he was working for someone that he didn't like. That was my second red flag. The the next thing I know is the guy signing papers to move in. Jeremy then sent a text to Jay and they arugued about it. I just Finnaly said if push come to shove we could always kick him out. That was last night. Today Jay said Cindy, our tall and pretty, land lord said he wasn't going to move in .... the effing guy didn't even have a job! I'm just glad I don't have to cut anyone.

I want Quiznos.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Over and hour later and now I have a picture of moi on twitter. (damn thing is picky as hell)

New aged, lack of nakedness

My first post, YAY! tonigh tI went out with my newly made friends Misty and Karen, by the way I just had to do some major detective work to figre out how to spell that. We went to go see Quantam of Solace. I kinda got lost a bit when i was trying to figure out how is the bad guy bad when all he bought was water! Ok so it turns out that he steals it... and blah blah and more blah. then throughout the movie there is talk about Vespa, and how she loved Bond. What!?? First off we are talking about a person and iff so why did she kill herself? As you can see, the movie left out that huge detail. It would have made the plot for revenge more believable, instead of having me to think that the new james bond is some strawberry Feilds doin', leads killin' bad-ass, not that I don't mind, it would have made the movie more understabable to me.